My Favourite Things

Once again another month has flown by and now I'm trying to find the time to get to this blog.

As I write this, I am currently sitting in the ferry line up waiting to head over to Gabriola Island for quite the event at The Roxy. My uncle is performing "A Broadway Tribute" full of songs and stories from his childhood growing up on Toronto Street in Winnipeg. I spent a lot of time in that same house with my grandparents as a kid.  It was always full of cats & dogs and peanut butter & honey toast. I spent my summers there, playing outside with the kids of Toronto Street. Although, unlike my uncle, I wasn't performing at Rainbow Stage, but that is where I learned to play the piano, as my grandmother was a piano teacher.  A talent, I wish I had kept up. It was different growing up as there was always a piano around so I would sit and play all the time.  

After my grandmother passed away, my grandfather sold that house and purchased one on Gabriola, where my uncle had already moved to.  I briefly lived on the island when I was a teenager and for several months, when I moved out west twice as an adult. It has always felt like my home away from home away from home.  There is a certain kind of magic there.  It is also the place where I became a Yoga Teacher, just over 9 years ago! 

As the ferry is approaching Gabriola, I feel a sense of calm and peace. There's just something about being surrounded by the water that makes me feel so connected.  After an unexpected lunch with friends, we all headed to the show. The venue was packed, the show was fantastic and it was wonderful to see my uncle in his element. 

Toronto Street  Winnipeg

Toronto Street


Mr & Mrs Christie

Mr & Mrs Christie

Little LL

Little LL

Ahead By A Century

I can't believe that October is over already! So that means Spring is only 5 months away!

I have been wanting to get back into going to Hot Yoga classes for awhile, but kept putting this off.  I found out a couple weeks ago that the studio that I was a member of when I lived here 10 years ago (and where I decided to become a Yoga Teacher), was having a tribute class for Gord Downie. That prompted me to register for the class immediately and found out they were offering a special for unlimited classes for a month, so I registered for that too. I forgot how much I love Hot Yoga and since it's been several years since I've even been in a Hot studio, I was concerned I might not be able to handle the heat but I fell in love with it all over again. It's the perfect time of year to get back into it. I'm on day 4 now, I've been going every evening and sleeping very well afterwards. 

My second class that I attended was The Tragically Hip class, our instructor had a beautiful play list of songs blasting through the studio. We were encouraged to sing along. It wasn't until our final relaxation, when we were all in Savasana that everyone joined in to sing "Ahead By A Century".  I'm getting chills just thinking about it & now as I write this another Hip song, "Bobcaygeon" just so happens to come on the radio, which was another song that was played that night. It was a great way to honour Gord and probably the only class I ever attended where everyone stayed in the studio for the entire Savasana! It was a wonderful experience to share with other Yogis & Hip fans! 

Thank you Gord! Your music and lyrics will always be in our hearts! 

The other big change for me is that for the past four months, I cut out meat & dairy. This is not something that I ever thought I would or could do, but for health reasons I decided to try it out. I did have a cheat day, which turned into a cheat weekend, when I was invited to a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and then given leftovers to take home. Since Turkey dinner is my favourite meal it was hard to say no!

I was surprised at how easily I was able to stop eating meat & dairy, for the most part I wasn't even craving anything...until Thanksgiving was approaching!  I originally thought  I would continue through the summer only to see how I felt, but decided to keep it up.  I don't know if this is a forever thing, but I have been enjoying trying different recipes. It's much harder to shop for groceries, when you can't eat the majority of food you are used to eating! One of my new favourite recipes is this one:

I went to make it the other day and realized I was out of Quinoa so I made it with wild rice instead. So yum! 


Moorecroft Regional Park  Nanoose Bay

Moorecroft Regional Park

Nanoose Bay

First thing we’d climb a tree
And maybe then we’d talk
Or sit silently
And listen to our thoughts
With illusions of someday
Cast in a golden light
No dress rehearsal
This is our life 

— The Tragically Hip


As it always goes, summer flew by and fall is officially here!  My long pants, socks, boots and sweaters are out already.  How quickly we went from a hot summer to the cool fall weather.  I'm still taking advantage of all the farmer's markets before they are done for the season.  I picked up a lot of fresh veggies and will be trying out some new recipes this week. I just made a delicious risotto the other night that I got at the market as well. 

As soon as the weather changes, I find my energy levels drop, I've always been this way, yet always assumed it was my body preparing for the long cold winter ahead. It's already become harder to wake up without the beautiful sunrise peering into my bedroom.  I miss my sunrise Yoga mornings on my patio surrounded by my garden, but am looking forward to candlelit Yoga with my new essential oil diffuser!   

I am also looking forward to the time change only because then the clock in my car will be correct again...until spring anyway. And not due to being too lazy to change it, but as it seems to have a mind of it's own, as it will only change when it wants to and this year I gave up trying way sooner than usual.  

I have another new group of ladies joining me for my weekly Yoga Hikes!  We have yet to be rained on in the past two years, though last week it started to rain after we made it back to our cars in the parking lot.  What perfect timing! 

And Matthew Good has a new album coming out this fall! The new single is called "Decades" and I realized right now that I've been a fan of his for exactly two decades this year! 

Maybe that’s the way it goes, maybe that’s the sound of something, breaking up against your walls, decades and the sound of something.
— Matthew Good

Out Of The Beehive

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over!  I spent my time hanging out at various secret river spots, hiked to a number of water falls, went camping, paddle-boarding, grew veggies on my patio garden and bought more at the farmer's markets, early mornings, late nights, new scenery, usual hang outs, summer has always been my favourite time of the year!  We officially have less then a month left and I will continue to enjoy every moment of it!  

I was invited to teach Backyard Yoga at a friend's place throughout the summer in her beautiful yard.


Triple Falls

Triple Falls

Ammonite Falls

Ammonite Falls

Out of the beehive, fingertips tongue-tied, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, what’s on your insides? 
—  Royal Canoe

Living A Lie

After looking forward to beautiful weather filled with my favourite summer activities, this month so far has been an emotional roller coaster. I received some unexpected news, that has left me completely shocked and in a state of warped reality. Nothing feels real anymore. It has felt like I've been stuck in a bad dream, unable to wake up, going about my daily routines in this weird dream-like state. In the blink of an eye, everything has changed. 

I realized many years ago that my life, for as long as I can remember, has always gone through these two year cycles. Where suddenly a major event occurs and my life goes in a completely different direction.  After all this time, I've grown accustomed to this and although the initial shock can still hit me like a ton of bricks, I've learned, especially in these last 10 years, how to quickly adapt to the changes and what I need to do for myself to get through it.  This month marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of the next. I wonder what 2019 has in store for me!

Since I've been waking up with the birds, I started a Sunrise Yoga practice on my patio.  It has become my peaceful place of solitude, surrounded by my (first) garden, where I focus on breathing deeply and healing from within.  I've been meditating on all my feelings, tapping thru my emotions, while putting the spotlight on my passions and uncovering more of my purpose.

I am grateful to have so many amazing modalities in my tool box to get me through these times. I have incorporated Reiki and EFT (tapping) techniques in my daily Yoga practice, helping each day get a little bit easier.  About 5 years ago, I created a Tapping meditation, combining some of the Reiki principles and shared this with my clients. It feels like a good time to share it again.  There is no wrong way to tap. I prefer to alternate sides but you can choose one side to tap on or tap on both sides at once and you can tap for as long as you like with two or three fingers.  I'd recommend going through the below tapping script for at least several rounds. Starting off with 3 deep breaths and once you have completed your last round, take another deep breath and see how you feel.  

Here is a diagram of the tapping meridian points: 


Eyebrow point: Just for today, I let go of all worries.

Side of eye:  Just for today, I let go of all fear.

Under eye:  Just for today, I let go of all anger. 

Under nose:  Just for today, I show compassion to myself and others.

Chin:  Just for today, I live and love honestly.

Collarbone:  Just for today, I am thankful for my friends and family.

Under arm: Just for today, I am grateful for my many gifts and blessings.

Top of head:  Just for today, I let go of all tension in my body.

Hope you enjoy it! Would love to hear from you if you give it a try!  

I still feel like I am stuck in a dream but I know that will fade too. 

"I'm living a lie, it's getting harder to tell, I've tried and I've tried to wake up" - Royal Canoe


Sunset Hike 

Sunset Hike 

I Am Collapsing So Slowly

Last weekend, shortly after I woke up, I got a knot in between my shoulder blades that was so uncomfortable I had a 2 hour Yoga practice mainly focusing on my upper back and shoulders trying to work it out.  Then I watched hours of videos on different exercises to release the pain, trying every single one I could find. It was easing up a little bit and by the next day after doing all the exercises again, it finally disappeared. I've been known to get a knot there before or a kink in my neck that lasts for days but this time I was determined to get rid of it as quickly as I could and I actually surprised myself on how fast as was able to release it.  

However, by the end of that first day, I started getting intense shooting pains in my pelvis.  This immediately alarmed me as I have had several conversations about my old back injury with a friend recently, who is currently suffering from back pain. We were discussing how debilitating it is and the different forms of treatments we've both tried. I was happy to report that I've had several years of zero back pain after finding a miracle Massage Therapist.  Then a couple days after this particular conversation, these shooting pains began. The pain wasn't located in the same spot as my injury but pretty close and from what I can remember I don't recall having these types of shooting pains, so it was worrisome. 

They continued throughout the next day and by the following morning they had stopped.  Only to return briefly that evening and the following evening.  The next day I woke up and although the shooting pains seemed to have ceased, I was quite stiff and sitting aggravated the area. I took it easy for those days, being careful not to cause any more issues and then when I woke up the next morning, I could barely walk. At that point, the panic started to creep in as I remembered how for at least two years, I couldn't sit without excruciating back pain. It was a long road to recovery and I thought it was all over.  

Since that day, on a hunch, instead of sleeping in my bed, I moved to the futon which is much softer. I woke up the next day, still a little bit stiff but I could actually walk without much pain or limping like the previous day.  This was an indicator that it's time for a new bed.

Although I was feeling much better, this weekend I decided to do some tapping on the pain. This is known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  I pulled out my book, "The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief" by Nick Ortner and started doing some of the tapping exercises. Tapping is similar to acupressure, but instead of putting pressure on select points on your head, face and torso, you are tapping on the spots, while describing the pain, then saying or asking whatever comes to mind.  

The idea is that you want to call the pain out, by describing it as much as you can.  I started by focusing on what I had been feeling and where.  I wrote some of these words down and then rated the pain from 1-10, with 10 being the worst.  That day I was feeling it was at about a 6 on the pain scale.  Then as I tapped on the various points, I described the pain and where it was located.  I continued to do this for several rounds.

"This back pain. This shooting back pain. This dull shooting back pain. This dull shooting back pain in my SI joint. This dull shooting back pain in my SI joint on the right side of my pelvis."

As I have learned some time ago, any physical pain we feel, is our body's way of telling us that something is wrong.  Normally if an accident occurs, we know why and how the pain came about. It's in those moments where pain just appears out of nowhere that we need to listen to our bodies and figure out what it is trying to tell us.  So I started to speak to the pain, "I am here. I am listening to you. What do you need to tell me?"

I then asked and said whatever popped into my mind and noticed the pain started moving around. So I commented on that. The pain continued to move, from the right to left side, then to my left thigh, then to my left knee.  Throughout all this tapping, I kept thanking the pain for letting me know that something was wrong and that I was a now aware that I needed to make some changes (ie a new bed!) and continued to show my appreciation for being notified by the pain I was feeling. Once the pain moved to my knee, I thanked it for moving through my body, I stretched my legs out and asked it to move through my leg and out of my body.  It lingered a little longer then popped back over to my right pelvis, before settling into my left knee again and finally leaving.

This whole process maybe took 10-15 minutes.  I just talked and tapped for the entire time, completing the session with several deep breaths. Afterwards, I wrote in my new tapping journal, some of the words that I was saying as I tapped and rated the pain again which had decreased significantly.   

I first became aware of EFT about 6 years ago, in the midst of my brutal back injury.  What's amazing about this technique is that it can be used to help with anything such as stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, fear, relationships and even finances! 

This is a very vague description of the process of tapping but over the years I've done a lot of research and practice with it.  I even developed a Tapping Workshop which I have done with many friends and clients. It is a very powerful technique and although there can be some immediate results, it can also take daily practice for quite some time, especially if you are working on pain that is related to some deeply stored trauma in the body.  

I know that different things come into our lives for different reasons.  I got into Yoga to help me deal with the physical pain from two motor vehicle accidents 18 years ago! I became a Yoga Teacher as I knew how much Yoga had helped me with my pain.  I then became a Reiki Master, wanting to learn more ways in which I could heal my body and others and then discovered EFT, just another modality to help deal with pain and not to mention just about everything else!  This back experience feels like a reminder of all the techniques I have learned over the years on how to heal myself and my passion for helping others!   

Thetis Lake

Thetis Lake

Englishman River Falls

Englishman River Falls

I am collapsing so slowly, you’ll never see me falling.
— Royal Canoe

Show Me How To Live

When I was a kid, I remember arguing with my grandpa one day that my birthday is in the summer and he insisted it was in the spring.  Being that my birthday is in the beginning of May, of course he was right but I only knew two seasons in Winnipeg.  It was winter for half the year and summer for the other half.  This year winter on the west coast has lasted way too long, we've had a lot of rain and there has been a lingering chill in the air.  

Despite this, I took a week off for my birthday and went camping around the island.  I was afraid we might freeze to death but we survived!  We even had a few days of sun in a row, but on our last night it rained. Thankfully, it happened on our last night because the tent was soaked and our blankets were damp.   

We started off on Denman Island, spent my birthday on Miracle Beach, then headed south west of Vancouver Island and explored Sooke, Sombrio Beach, Jordan River and Port Renfrew, finally returning home through Lake Cowichan.  

This has been something that I've wanted to do since I moved out here.  I have spent time visiting a lot of the same places I have in the past.  However, as there are so many beautiful places on this island it was great to finally explore new territory.  

Back home camping trips in Manitoba were usually done in the same locations, always starting on May Long weekend in the rain but we could usually count on sun for the rest of the summer. There is something about being on the open road and then sitting around a campfire that I enjoy immensely.

This long weekend we travelled back to Port Renfrew, where we had previously been rained on and enjoyed a beautiful night camping right on the beach again.  All the dogs came running over as we were cooking steak with bacon, baked potatoes and asparagus on the fire.   

We watched the fog and clouds roll in that evening and awoke to a beautiful sunny morning until the fog rolled in again.  We then packed up, in search of the sun and stopped at a view point to make breakfast wraps over looking the fog covered water.  It looked like our view was of a snow covered area as the fog was so thick and low, otherwise it was a beautiful sunny day.  



Birthday Campfire

Birthday Campfire

Port Renfrew Campfire

Port Renfrew Campfire

Denman Island Sunset

Denman Island Sunset

You gave me life, now show me how to live.
— Audioslave

Explore The Options

I spent the past hour, enjoying the last bit of sun on my patio while having a late lunch.  The sun felt so warm on my face, that I may be a little red in the morning.  A friend recently made the comment that I am energized by the sun.  I had never thought about it before, but it really does motivate me. After thinking about it again, I realized that simply a warmth in the air does a world of good for me, but the sun definitely makes it better. 

I have found it to be incredibly difficult to get motivated lately.  I sat down to write over the weekend but after about an hour, I still felt at a loss of what to write about.  It was raining heavily and a hike is usually my method of inspiration, although I couldn't bring myself to go outside.  I tried settling for just listening to music, but still nothing.  

As I thought about the month, which consisted of many different routines, schedules and a couple of stressful experiences, I couldn't even put it in to words.  It has been a very strange time, so I'm looking forward to the next few months of sun and warm weather to help me get back on track. 

The time I spent out in the sun today gave me the motivation I was looking for.  I am generally ok with the rain and cloud but throw in cooler than normal temperatures without much sun and I just wanted to go back to hibernation mode.

It was another reminder of how quickly we can accept the negative thoughts and feelings that go through our minds.  If I had only gone on a hike in the rain, I would have indeed found the inspiration I was looking for.  But then again waiting a few days for the sun to shine will work too! 

Enjoying the sunshine!

Enjoying the sunshine!

You gotta move on, explore the options & embrace something new.
— Duotang 

The First Day of Spring

Well today is officially the first day of spring, but it sure doesn't feel like it.  The chill in the air has lingered for months now.  On the odd day we've seen the sun it can be quite warm, but as soon as it disappears that chill just cuts through you.  I was looking forward to the time change last weekend so that I could get back into my daily hikes but so far I've only done one evening hike as the sun is long gone by the time I get home and I just can't be motivated to get out in the cold. 

I've heard the same complaint from many, including how tired everyone has been lately.  I've been blaming the lack of sun and cold temperatures to which most can agree.  This is the first winter since I've been out here that I didn't keep up my evening hikes and I have been feeling off because of it.  Two friends had recommended that I start taking Vitamin D, I have been doing that for about a month now. I also started drinking hot lemon & honey water every morning before breakfast which is supposed to help with your metabolism. I've noticed I eat a little less at breakfast now. I don't have a scale at home but a few weeks ago I went for my physical and found out I've lost 2 pounds since finding out a month prior that I was the heaviest I've ever been in my life. My physical activity had definitely declined drastically this winter so I am looking at different options to help me get back in shape.  

To celebrate spring, I forced myself to get up early this morning to do Yoga, I did not want to get out of my nice warm bed but after just a few minutes of deep breathing and Yoga I felt wide awake.  I've recently learned about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and one of my favourite Yoga Teachers is incorporating this into her Yoga routine.  She started doing this about 6 months ago and has become the fittest she has ever been. And the best part is, she only does 20 minutes a day for 5-6 times a week.  I know I can definitely find 20 minutes to spare each day instead of wasting time on Facebook & Netflix.  I am excited to try this new routine. I am really looking forward to it warming up so I can enjoy sunrise Yoga on my patio. I'm also going to start trying this before bed.

This was my view this morning. Though I settled for Yoga indoors in front of my fireplace! 


Strange Days

This is my fourth West Coast winter and it has definitely been the coldest and most unusual so far. From what I've heard this winter has been quite strange across the country.  We received more snow than usual and it stayed for a couple months due to the cooler than normal temperatures. This prevented me from doing much hiking as we were still getting a lot of rain, so the trails were mostly ice covered snow, which made them too treacherous.  I am happy that the snow has finally melted so I can get back into what has become my regular routine.  

I'm not a fan of most holidays, especially in February, but this Valentines day I got to spend it with someone who came along in one of the most darkest times of my life.  About 20 years ago I discovered Matthew Good. an amazing songwriter and musician. He is the one musician that I have seen over the years way too many times to count.

However, this was the only time I broke down several times. It was unexpectedly a very emotional show for me, each time he played a favourite song that has always struck a chord with me.  By the last song, I just let myself cry and didn't even try to hide it anymore.  I realized I was no longer in that deep dark place that I once was so long ago.  It was a reminder that I once believed that it would never get better. It was a reminder of everything I have overcome.

Four years ago this month, I wrote one of the hardest entries I have ever shared. I had planned to write the follow up shortly thereafter, but fear stopped me from ever beginning that story. Last year I finally started to write it, this month seemed like the time to re-visit it and now I finally feel ready to share it.  If you would like to read it, enter your email below, only for access to the secured link. 


Aim Right For The Holes


Everything I wanted to share replayed in my head as I thought about this past year.  For the first time, in a long time, all I had were negative feelings about the outcome, yet I just spent a year, working towards one project. My thought that as the  year mark of when I started is around now, this would be a great time to share it. And then nothing but negative thoughts, entered my mind.  I sat here trying to figure out why my brain is so conditioned to go to that dark place.  

When there are so many things about my life I'd love to share, I still feel like there would always be one person who I've disappointed. Why is that? Why am I made to feel this way?

Even for a second I didn't like that feeling and started to write. Only thoughts, as they filter in and out of my head.  It's astonishing how many negative thoughts and feelings fluttered in. Immediately, I knew music was important. I always had the radio on. There was always music playing in the background.  

"Everyone needs something that they can belong to, everyone needs something to feel they belong to.  Yeah veryone needs something that they can hold on to." - Novillero


Om For The Holidays!

Every time I sit down to write, I think about the month, then the previous, then next thing I know, I've gone all the way back to January again.  What an incredible year it's been! So much has changed and so much has happened!  I can't believe the year is over! 

This morning a friend and I went on a Snowy Yoga Hike.  It was a little bit treacherous and the first time hiking in the snow with someone, but we survived!  The sun came out only afterwards, which I got to enjoy from the roof top deck while looking for some inspiration to write today. 

I realized when I discovered recently that I had lost all my music on my new phone, after I boarded a plane, that I used to always write on every flight I took.  The goal today is to write, which also includes writing a little bit every day.  I used to write a lot between friends. I miss the old days of just writing, passing notes in class, exchanging letters via the mail or just writing to friends for the fun of it.  A revelation I had earlier today, to encourage me to write more, will result in a new experiment I will try out in the new year.   

My trip home was spent with food, family and friends, a Yoga Workshop and a Shakespeare performance involving Royal Canoe.  Although it was brutally cold during my week stay, it was a great visit.  

Candlelight Yoga

It's that time of the year now when we want to stay warm and cozy inside!  So it's the perfect time to begin Candlelight Yoga classes.  Or if you are willing to brave the wintery outdoors, a Yoga Hike is still an option.   If you are interested in joining me, send an email to 

A Holiday Yoga Sequence

I know this time of year can become stressful, so I encourage you to take short Yoga breaks when you need to, even if it's only a moment of simply some deep breathing.  But if you can spare 10 minutes, try this:

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and harmonious holiday season! 


happy holidays.jpg

The Happening

When I realized that it's November and the year is almost over, I questioned how it flew by so quickly.  I replayed the past year over in my head and remembered all of the many things that I, not only accomplished, but that I got to enjoy!  What keeps coming to mind is all the people over the past couple of years that came into my life, although each of them appeared separately, they all have a connection.  It was thru that connection I made a year ago, that I was able to take the necessary steps to move forward with my dream.  

This person taught me that we are all able to go after our dreams!  If it's important to you, then you will find a way. If not, then you'll find an excuse. And boy did I find a lot of excuses over the years! The secrets I have learned, is that you have to believe you already have it and that it's imperative that we let go of our fears!  Once you are able to get to that place, it's absolutely amazing what begins to unfold.  

Last weekend, I finally got a chance to see a Winnipeg band that I had heard of many years ago, although never saw them once or even knew any of their music. After over a decade long hiatus, they have released a new album and the last stop of their Western tour just happened to be in Nanaimo.   I was lucky enough to spend the evening getting to know Duotang and the band Uptights from Vancouver.  I've been listening to Duotang's album all weekend, which helped inspire this post.

Candlelight Yoga

It's that time of the year now when we want to stay warm and cozy inside!  So it's the perfect time to begin Candlelight Yoga classes.  And if you're not scared of a little rain, a Yoga Hike is still an option.  Don't worry I won't make you go if it's pouring!  If you are interested in joining me, send an email to 


Duotang & An Uptight

Duotang & An Uptight



It feels like something is happening, that something quite good could be happening, and even if I was just imagining, the mind is a futile ground.
— Duotang

Crazy Awesome!

So far 2016 has been quite an incredible year!  Back in January, I started a Yoga Business course, which has kept me focused on creating a whole new website and defining how I want to proceed to grow my business. This involved a Yoga photo shoot at beautiful Neck Point, which is where all the pictures on my site were taken.  This course was intended to have me really think about and dive into the reasons why I became a Yoga Teacher.  Through this process, I have been thinking a lot about my life and all the number of reasons I found Yoga.  I am grateful that everything in my life has lead me on this amazing journey. 

This year I started officially offering Group Yoga Hike classes and the feedback I have received has encouraged me to promote these classes more than I had been doing.  It has been a lot of fun bringing different groups of people through the various beautiful parks & trails for our Yoga Hikes.  Last weekend while at Neck Point, a bald eagle flew over and then watched us from a nearby tree, which inspired the group to immediately get into Eagle Pose for a group photo! A unanimous vote was taken at the end of class that morning to exclaim that Neck Point was everyone's favourite location to date.  Obviously one of mine as well, since that's where I had chosen for my photo shoot back in the Spring. 

This summer was wonderfully busy as I worked on one of my final projects for my course and the season ended with me purchasing my very own home!  It was not something I had planned at all but for fun I started looking at options thinking that maybe by next year I would be ready to make a purchase. However, within a month of looking, I found the perfect place, in the perfect location and the perfect price! In 2 weeks, I will be moving into my new home and am very excited! 

A couple weekends ago, I took a trip to Vancouver to go see my favourite Winnipeg band, Royal Canoe, who were on the first stop of their Canadian tour promoting their new album.  It was a great show and I was lucky enough to enjoy the show with several Winnipeg friends who all live in Vancouver now. I even got all 6 members so sign my CD, which was a difficult task to try and track them all down afterwards.   

 Life right now is simply crazy awesome! 


Vancouver Ferry

Vancouver Ferry

Royal Canoe 

Royal Canoe 

On My Way

This month it will officially be 8 years since I became a Yoga Teacher!  And to celebrate I have made some changes with a whole new website!  I'm still working on a few things but here's your chance at a sneak peak.  

It's hard to believe it was that long ago that I was taking my Yoga Teacher Training on beautiful Gabriola Island.  After spending the first 5 years teaching in Winnipeg, I've spent the last few teaching on or around Vancouver Island.  So much has changed in my life but the one constant has always been Yoga. 

This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking a new group of lovely women on their first Yoga Hike through Bowen Park.  Each of them expressed along the way how much they were enjoying the class.  I am beyond thrilled any time I can introduce new people to an activity that has become so important to me.  I am honoured and truly grateful every time I get to share this experience with others.  I've said it many times before, but there is something extremely wonderful about doing Yoga out in nature.  The idea came to me when I first moved to the west coast almost 3 years ago now.  

At the time, I would spend my days exploring and hiking around Gabriola Island, but as it was during the fall & winter months it was either raining or the ground was wet, so after my hike I would go home to roll out my mat and do Yoga.  Then it finally occurred to me that if I simply altered my Yoga poses to only be doing standing poses, I could incorporate Yoga on my hikes!  This practice has become a daily occurrence, whether I am enjoying it alone listening to music or teaching others, I love every minute of it!

My day does not feel complete without a Yoga Hike.  When I am solo, I use the time to meditate and contemplate on the positive changes I would like to see happen in my life.  It's almost like a moving changing vision board that I focus my thoughts and attention on. It's been pretty amazing to see what has unfolded and I look forward to what's to come!