Strange Days

This is my fourth West Coast winter and it has definitely been the coldest and most unusual so far. From what I've heard this winter has been quite strange across the country.  We received more snow than usual and it stayed for a couple months due to the cooler than normal temperatures. This prevented me from doing much hiking as we were still getting a lot of rain, so the trails were mostly ice covered snow, which made them too treacherous.  I am happy that the snow has finally melted so I can get back into what has become my regular routine.  

I'm not a fan of most holidays, especially in February, but this Valentines day I got to spend it with someone who came along in one of the most darkest times of my life.  About 20 years ago I discovered Matthew Good. an amazing songwriter and musician. He is the one musician that I have seen over the years way too many times to count.

However, this was the only time I broke down several times. It was unexpectedly a very emotional show for me, each time he played a favourite song that has always struck a chord with me.  By the last song, I just let myself cry and didn't even try to hide it anymore.  I realized I was no longer in that deep dark place that I once was so long ago.  It was a reminder that I once believed that it would never get better. It was a reminder of everything I have overcome.

Four years ago this month, I wrote one of the hardest entries I have ever shared. I had planned to write the follow up shortly thereafter, but fear stopped me from ever beginning that story. Last year I finally started to write it, this month seemed like the time to re-visit it and now I finally feel ready to share it.  If you would like to read it, enter your email below, only for access to the secured link.