Aim Right For The Holes


Everything I wanted to share replayed in my head as I thought about this past year.  For the first time, in a long time, all I had were negative feelings about the outcome, yet I just spent a year, working towards one project. My thought that as the  year mark of when I started is around now, this would be a great time to share it. And then nothing but negative thoughts, entered my mind.  I sat here trying to figure out why my brain is so conditioned to go to that dark place.  

When there are so many things about my life I'd love to share, I still feel like there would always be one person who I've disappointed. Why is that? Why am I made to feel this way?

Even for a second I didn't like that feeling and started to write. Only thoughts, as they filter in and out of my head.  It's astonishing how many negative thoughts and feelings fluttered in. Immediately, I knew music was important. I always had the radio on. There was always music playing in the background.  

"Everyone needs something that they can belong to, everyone needs something to feel they belong to.  Yeah veryone needs something that they can hold on to." - Novillero