About Laurah-Lee Christie



After years of suffering with chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression, I found Yoga and it completely changed my life! The benefits for my physical and mental health continues to amaze me.

Years ago I was involved in two motor vehicle accidents within 3 months of each other.  Both times I had been rear-ended, (neither time was my fault) and those accidents contributed to the chronic pain I lived with for a long time. Looking for alternative therapies to help with the pain, I eventually decided to try Yoga. 

At first I became aware of the physical benefits, noticing the chronic pain lessening after committing to 2-3 classes a week. When I became aware of the mental benefits, I wished I had started Yoga much earlier in life!

They say, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. There was a moment during a class, while listening to my teacher guide us into our final relaxation pose, that I realized she had an incredible job, as she helped people feel better for a living. It took me a few more months until I realized that I too wanted to encourage people to do something for themselves that would lead to improve their overall health & wellness. That's when I decided to become a Yoga Teacher myself. 

Later that year, I completed my 200 hour intensive Yoga Teacher Training on beautiful Gabriola Island, off the coast of Vancouver Island, with Dan Clement through the Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage. 

I teach Hatha Yoga (relaxation based), Vinyasa Yoga (flow style - syncing movement with breath) and HIIT Yoga (High Intensity Interval Training). I practice Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique. Through these practices I have overcome depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain, which I never thought was possible.

I started off teaching in Winnipeg for the first 5 years. I had a home-based studio, taught at various businesses, communities, studios and schools around the city.  Until the time came to follow my dream to move to my island paradise, where I now call Nanaimo home. Now over 10 years of teaching 3000+ hours of classes, I am an Experienced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), a certified Reiki Master (MRP) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner. 

Yoga has changed my entire life tremendously!  How will it change yours? 

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Love & Light,