As it always goes, summer flew by and fall is officially here!  My long pants, socks, boots and sweaters are out already.  How quickly we went from a hot summer to the cool fall weather.  I'm still taking advantage of all the farmer's markets before they are done for the season.  I picked up a lot of fresh veggies and will be trying out some new recipes this week. I just made a delicious risotto the other night that I got at the market as well. 

As soon as the weather changes, I find my energy levels drop, I've always been this way, yet always assumed it was my body preparing for the long cold winter ahead. It's already become harder to wake up without the beautiful sunrise peering into my bedroom.  I miss my sunrise Yoga mornings on my patio surrounded by my garden, but am looking forward to candlelit Yoga with my new essential oil diffuser!   

I am also looking forward to the time change only because then the clock in my car will be correct again...until spring anyway. And not due to being too lazy to change it, but as it seems to have a mind of it's own, as it will only change when it wants to and this year I gave up trying way sooner than usual.  

I have another new group of ladies joining me for my weekly Yoga Hikes!  We have yet to be rained on in the past two years, though last week it started to rain after we made it back to our cars in the parking lot.  What perfect timing! 

And Matthew Good has a new album coming out this fall! The new single is called "Decades" and I realized right now that I've been a fan of his for exactly two decades this year! 

Maybe that’s the way it goes, maybe that’s the sound of something, breaking up against your walls, decades and the sound of something.
— Matthew Good