Om For The Holidays!

Every time I sit down to write, I think about the month, then the previous, then next thing I know, I've gone all the way back to January again.  What an incredible year it's been! So much has changed and so much has happened!  I can't believe the year is over! 

This morning a friend and I went on a Snowy Yoga Hike.  It was a little bit treacherous and the first time hiking in the snow with someone, but we survived!  The sun came out only afterwards, which I got to enjoy from the roof top deck while looking for some inspiration to write today. 

I realized when I discovered recently that I had lost all my music on my new phone, after I boarded a plane, that I used to always write on every flight I took.  The goal today is to write, which also includes writing a little bit every day.  I used to write a lot between friends. I miss the old days of just writing, passing notes in class, exchanging letters via the mail or just writing to friends for the fun of it.  A revelation I had earlier today, to encourage me to write more, will result in a new experiment I will try out in the new year.   

My trip home was spent with food, family and friends, a Yoga Workshop and a Shakespeare performance involving Royal Canoe.  Although it was brutally cold during my week stay, it was a great visit.  

Candlelight Yoga

It's that time of the year now when we want to stay warm and cozy inside!  So it's the perfect time to begin Candlelight Yoga classes.  Or if you are willing to brave the wintery outdoors, a Yoga Hike is still an option.   If you are interested in joining me, send an email to 

A Holiday Yoga Sequence

I know this time of year can become stressful, so I encourage you to take short Yoga breaks when you need to, even if it's only a moment of simply some deep breathing.  But if you can spare 10 minutes, try this:

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and harmonious holiday season! 


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