On My Way

This month it will officially be 8 years since I became a Yoga Teacher!  And to celebrate I have made some changes with a whole new website!  I'm still working on a few things but here's your chance at a sneak peak.  

It's hard to believe it was that long ago that I was taking my Yoga Teacher Training on beautiful Gabriola Island.  After spending the first 5 years teaching in Winnipeg, I've spent the last few teaching on or around Vancouver Island.  So much has changed in my life but the one constant has always been Yoga. 

This past weekend I had the pleasure of taking a new group of lovely women on their first Yoga Hike through Bowen Park.  Each of them expressed along the way how much they were enjoying the class.  I am beyond thrilled any time I can introduce new people to an activity that has become so important to me.  I am honoured and truly grateful every time I get to share this experience with others.  I've said it many times before, but there is something extremely wonderful about doing Yoga out in nature.  The idea came to me when I first moved to the west coast almost 3 years ago now.  

At the time, I would spend my days exploring and hiking around Gabriola Island, but as it was during the fall & winter months it was either raining or the ground was wet, so after my hike I would go home to roll out my mat and do Yoga.  Then it finally occurred to me that if I simply altered my Yoga poses to only be doing standing poses, I could incorporate Yoga on my hikes!  This practice has become a daily occurrence, whether I am enjoying it alone listening to music or teaching others, I love every minute of it!

My day does not feel complete without a Yoga Hike.  When I am solo, I use the time to meditate and contemplate on the positive changes I would like to see happen in my life.  It's almost like a moving changing vision board that I focus my thoughts and attention on. It's been pretty amazing to see what has unfolded and I look forward to what's to come!