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I spent the past hour, enjoying the last bit of sun on my patio while having a late lunch.  The sun felt so warm on my face, that I may be a little red in the morning.  A friend recently made the comment that I am energized by the sun.  I had never thought about it before, but it really does motivate me. After thinking about it again, I realized that simply a warmth in the air does a world of good for me, but the sun definitely makes it better. 

I have found it to be incredibly difficult to get motivated lately.  I sat down to write over the weekend but after about an hour, I still felt at a loss of what to write about.  It was raining heavily and a hike is usually my method of inspiration, although I couldn't bring myself to go outside.  I tried settling for just listening to music, but still nothing.  

As I thought about the month, which consisted of many different routines, schedules and a couple of stressful experiences, I couldn't even put it in to words.  It has been a very strange time, so I'm looking forward to the next few months of sun and warm weather to help me get back on track. 

The time I spent out in the sun today gave me the motivation I was looking for.  I am generally ok with the rain and cloud but throw in cooler than normal temperatures without much sun and I just wanted to go back to hibernation mode.

It was another reminder of how quickly we can accept the negative thoughts and feelings that go through our minds.  If I had only gone on a hike in the rain, I would have indeed found the inspiration I was looking for.  But then again waiting a few days for the sun to shine will work too! 

Enjoying the sunshine!

Enjoying the sunshine!

You gotta move on, explore the options & embrace something new.
— Duotang