Yet Again

I feel as though every summer is the same:
It's summer!
This is summer!
Where's summer?

This year has all been about implementing changes and overcoming challenges. With each, comes understanding myself better and learning to be patient, while trusting the process will unfold as it should. I know one day I'll get there and I'll be more ready once I do. One thing that has continuously grounded me, is spending time in nature and connecting to the earth. It doesn't matter how I feel when I get outside or on the trail, I always end up feeling open and excited by what's yet to come. Every day this month, I have spent time outside, where I'm reminded that I alone determine what will happen by my feelings, thoughts and emotions. You can either listen to the voice of your inner critic or you can ask yourself why you choose to believe anything negative it has to say.

I have been going full speed all year and now I am ready for things to naturally start to slow down this fall. It's that time of year, where our normal schedules resume and our regular routines fall into place. It is definitely time to recuperate all of my energy that I have expended so far. The simplest way I've found is to sit comfortably focusing on breathing deeply. Any thoughts that arise, notice them and continue to breathe. Do you want to buy into those limiting beliefs or do you want to create change by believing in yourself and moving forward? Once you can take a step back by focusing on your breath, you begin to look at a situation more clearly and it's easier to come up with a solution. Often times, the answer is right in front of you, but was buried by all the excess words in your mind. As I've moved along this year, facing many new challenges that have come my way, I have had to remind myself to take those moments to focus on my breath, meditate, go for a hike or do some Yoga. I always feel better as soon as I do.

Twin Beaches, Gabriola Island

Twin Beaches, Gabriola Island

So here we find ourselves, baby, yet again
Here we find ourselves, baby, yet again
— Black Pistol Fire