After over 2 months of working non-stop, I got to enjoy a little time off this weekend to go to Vancouver to see my favourite Winnipeg band, Royal Canoe! It was a beautiful morning as I walked all the way down to the ferry terminal. I had stopped to take some pictures on route, then realized I was on a tight deadline and had to get a move on. As soon as I made it to the terminal, I immediately walked straight onto the ferry, as they had already started boarding. I couldn’t have timed it better!

I’ve never seen the ferry so packed, completely forgetting it was spring break! I finally found a seat and shortly after a gentleman approached me to ask if the seat next to me was taken. We ended up having a wonderful conversation for the entire ferry ride. It was one of those serendipitous moments. Early on we discussed that I teach Yoga and he is in the fire service. I had mentioned that I had always wanted to teach first responders, as I know how beneficial the physical practice would be, nevermind the mental aspect, for those in such a high risk and stressful careers. He completely agreed, I told him that I pass a fire station on route to one of my classes & that for the past several weeks, I kept saying to myself that I need to stop in to speak to the chief. Well, now thanks to my ferry seatmate “Captain Kirk”, I know the Fire Chief's name!

My course is coming to an end in a few more weeks, so it is back to non-stop work for me until the end. I’ve run into a number of technology issues over the last couple of weeks and have really been using my techniques to get through this. Which is great, as these are the same techniques I will be teaching in my Yoga for Mental Wellness course online . Just another sign that I’m on the right path! Also, I realized that Mercury is in retrograde until later this week, which happens to affect all electronics and technology so my issues should be over soon!

I’m still afloat
Like a feather swinging low
Let the wind blow, let the wind blow
— Royal Canoe "77-76"
Royal Canoe @ The Biltmore Vancouver

Royal Canoe @ The Biltmore Vancouver