Tomorrow we start again
Tomorrow came and went
I’m indestructible
Finding the sun in the gloom!

Finding the sun in the gloom!

Happy 2019! I have never been one to make New Years resolutions but earlier this month, as I looked back at the challenges that I faced last year, I decided that 2019 will be all about change! I realized that I was holding myself back by not going after my heart and soul’s desires. In this moment, I discovered that I was letting fear prevent me from moving ahead. I let it get into my head and feed into those negative limiting beliefs. Every once in awhile the universe reminds me of this!


Last evening, while out grocery shopping, a young clerk was conversing with the woman in front of me. As I approached the counter, she stated that it was obvious that he loved his job. To which he replied, along the lines of something like this, “If you don’t love your job, you’re not doing it right!” I was impressed by the wisdom of this young lad!

Earlier this month, I started to take the appropriate steps to follow my passions. I am currently taking several courses to help motivate me and push myself towards those goals. We are already one month into the year and I have lots of ideas formulating. I am excited and looking forward to share this as it all develops!

In the last few weeks, I have watched how all these opportunities have started to unfold and have been amazed by how just becoming open to new ideas that they will start to appear. I should not be surprised by this, as I’ve understood for some time now how quickly life comes into alignment when you open up to it. However, sometimes we all need a little reminder!

Lets get out of the past and into 2019! Share what changes you’d like to see in your life!