Road Trippin'


Excited about a new area to explore, I head north up the island for a short day hike. I've spent a lot of time south of  the city in July, so naturally August should be spent the other way. As I'm getting close, I see a number of cars parked along the road but still looking for the parking lot or sign to confirm I'm at the right spot. As I drive by, I realize there isn't one, I'm unable to park on my side of the road and nowhere to pull in or turn around, I continue on looking for a side street.  Further up the road, there is still nowhere to turn around so I keep going until I find a small parking lot at another trail entrance. There's one parking spot left just for me, so it seems like it's meant to be.  I park and head onto the trail.

It wasn't where I was actually headed, but seeing as there were less cars, it felt like it would be a nice quiet spot to explore.  I then came upon the most amazing river spots, one by one, along the trail.  I spent some time, at various points, taking pictures and already looking forward to coming back.


After spending the afternoon, I head back to the parking lot and notice on my way back that there were actually two trail heads and the one I didn't take lead to where I had planned to go originally. I had no idea the trails connected and unfortunately the sign was only visible coming back from the other trail.  I didn't have time to explore the other trail.  I planned to come back again and spend the entire day there.


Its been a dry summer with wildfires across the island and province, which seems to be a yearly occurrence now. Since I was a kid, summers here were much cooler and was more common to see a lot of rain.  

It's been too hot & too smokey for any outdoor activities the last couple of weeks, so I've stayed close to home. This weekend we finally get some much needed rain,  I've never been more excited to see the rain before! Although the smoke has cleared here, there are still many fires burning. We're not expecting any more rain for another week but hopefully the rest of the province will get a good downpour!  

Let’s go get lost, let’s go get lost