I sat down to write this afternoon and just as it finally all came together and I was writing the last sentence, I lost everything due to an unexpected glitch.  Instead of trying to remember what I wrote I'm just going to keep writing.

A month ago, we had an incredible comedy show at The Roxy with an amazing line up and our headliner who flew in from LA!  After days of rainstorms, 100km/hr winds, 30 foot waves in Tofino, an Earthquake in Alaska, Tsunami warnings across the island, cancelled ferry sailings, power outages on Gabriola all leading up to several hours before the show, it all died down throughout the evening and then the storm started up again 30 minutes of us all getting back to Nanaimo. It was a stressful few days but it turned into a great night!  

About 8 years ago, I discovered EFT, (also known as tapping), at a time in my life when my whole world got flipped upside down. I should have been using it to help with the stress of all the million things that could have prevented the show from happening, but instead I went into dark mode. I've learned how to avoid that place, but honestly the weather had got to me at that point, plus just this time of year, it seemed like the lack of sunshine prevented me from seeing the best outcome.  I was running on empty, typical for me during the winter months, and I almost broke. Then I got a phone call from one comic and some texts from a couple of the others and I realized I had quickly gone into this negative state, they reminded me to laugh and I remembered that sometimes all you need is a smile or a good laugh to turn your day around. Which is why I love comedy so much!   

Tapping has been used to improve your finances, health, emotions and so much more.  For the next couple of weeks, I'll be checking out The 10th Annual World Tapping Summit online at: https://www.thetappingsolution.com/

If you suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, pain, illness or anything for that matter, check out the schedule to see what resonates with you and tune into some of the interviews. 

Normally I would have been really upset that I lost my whole blog post before I could share it, luckily I had tapped prior to writing, in all honesty because once again I had no idea what to write about. 

Happy Tapping!

Gabriola, Island

Gabriola, Island

She is the trick of my trade. She is the thing that can’t be made. She is gold and nothing less. And she is fearless.