Hearts Of Habit


I’m sure it’s due to lack of daily sunshine and warm weather, but I find it so incredibly difficult to get motivated around this time of year. Though we’ve still had lots of sun, I always go into hibernation mode, especially on the rainy gloomy days like this weekend. The only way to convince myself out of bed is with the thought of food. It has to be something I don’t normally have, so off to the bakery I go! As soon as I get back, I’m off to the craft fairs for a few gifts and bought more baking! Then, so tired of running around all day, I have some of all that baking for dinner. I woke up in the middle of the night with an upset tummy then end up sleeping in and missing my morning plans!

I crawl out of bed after remembering all the baked goods in my kitchen, eat my “breakfast|” and sit down to finally write. I find an album, usually one I rarely listen to, but I’m so obsessed with this band that I discovered a few months ago, that I immediately put on my favourite one. I write for a bit and then head off for a hiking adventure in the rain. It’s these dreary days, that I find it the hardest to motivate myself but I know the little things that I need to do to get going. The fresh air and scenery make all the difference in the world.

There are few things that inspire me to write and I’m surrounded by a lot of amazing people, who often inspire more for me. I’m reminded of this, “Do what you love and the rest will follow!” Another month gone and just about another year! I feel that something new is coming around the corner and I’m looking forward to find out what that is!


You know better baby
Then go it alone
— Black Pistol Fire